How to Make Installing Pavers Stress Free

//How to Make Installing Pavers Stress Free

There are many things to consider as you begin to plan out a new paver project.  Installing pavers can add exceptional value to your home and property value, but that’s only if it is done correctly.  The last things you want to see are imperfections and edges popping up as your newly installed pavers begin to settle.  Take the property below for example, a homeowner’s worst nightmare.  The customer had originally paid over $5,000 for the initial install, what stings more is the similar cost that it’s going to cost to fix it.  Improper excavation of the paver base caused this project to fail. The contractor did not dig out a wide enough or deep enough area for the pavers and edging restraint.This caused  this project to fail within a couple of years. Your new pavers should not cause you any frustrations or stresses.  Part of the reason you pay so much for a quality paver installation is because of the amount of initial preparation that goes into a quality installation that will last for years to come. A quality well built paver installation should not start falling apart a few years after it is installed.  The Romans used a flexible interlocking paver system to build their roads over 2,000 years ago, and there are parts that are still being used today.

To avoid finding yourself in a situation like this poor customer, follow these simple tips and tricks your friends at NJ Paver Restorations have collected through the years. Make installing pavers as simple and stress free as possible!

Interview multiple potential paver contractors. Just because they say they do something doesn’t mean they are highly skilled and trained for the job.  Installing pavers is an expensive investment; you want to make sure you take your time.  Without interviewing multiple contractors you are setting yourself up for stress and disappointment.

All contractors use the best looking pictures.  Never judge the paver’s experience by their portfolio.  All contractors use the best looking pictures for their portfolios.  When installing pavers there is a huge demand for high quality work, materials, and longevity. Quick tip: Ask the paver contractor to bring you out to one of their past job sites.  This job should have been installed 3 to 5 yrs ago. Don’t look at any jobs that were installed recently. Take a look for yourself to see how their work is holding up.  If they are combative to these terms, keep looking, you haven’t found the right paver contractor. References are good, but how do you know you’re not talking to a family member.

Make sure they know what they are doing. When looking through their portfolio take a look at the early stage photos of projects.  There are many important details that people tend to overlook when installing pavers.  A good suggestion is to take a look and see how much  they over excavated on  either edge to prepare for the pavers and the plastic edging restraint.
Quick tip: Ask them how much extra room they over excavate to prep the area for your pavers.  If they look at your puzzled keep interviewing! The right answer is an extra foot should be over excavated on each side!

Choosing the right paver installation company can make or break your dreams and wallet.  When installing pavers the price should guarantee the pavers’ quality of work to the point of perfection. With the right paver installer you can avoid the stresses of edges falling off and pavers settling. Just take a look for yourself to see what a difference it could make!

Before: (look at how loose and unsettled the pavers look)

weed infested walkway 1

After: (look at the amazing difference! With the right paver, this project is a wrap at this point!)

New blue stone tread installed.
New blue stone tread installed.

Your local Somerset and Hunterdon county professionals at NJ Paver Restorations put your stresses at ease.  They will show you how doing it right the first time will avoid hours of stress and thousands in repairs.  They are a great local paver repair and installation company that will have no problem  in taking  a potential client to view their past quality installations that have been installed for over 3 to 5 years.

Local NJ paver professionals NJ Paver Restorations service the New Jersey area including: Hillsborough NJ, Princeton NJ, Plainfield NJ, Bridgewater NJ, Somerset NJ, Skillman NJ, Montgomery NJ, and many more, call (732) 558-6011 today to get started!

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