How to Maintain Your Pavers 2012 Recap

///How to Maintain Your Pavers 2012 Recap

Your local pavers professionals wants you to keep your pavers looking phenomenal this new year, so looking back on our blogs from 2012 we’ve got some great tips! As we have said you need to keep up with your pavers and make sure that you are always checking for any wear or more. Additionally, this winter season has given us a fair amount of fluctuating climates, with it being sixty degrees one week and snowing the next!

Can red brick look good? You bet it can!
Can red brick look good? You bet it can!


When doing obligatory yard work and upkeep it’s important not to neglect your pavers.  It’s an unbelievably important accent to your property and home, and most importantly one of the most expensive.  Avoid having to pay ridiculous amounts of money to have your pavers ripped up and reinstalled.  Part of the whole reason why you decided to go with pavers was the aesthetic value.  How valuable are your pavers really as they collect dirt, stains, chips, and improper maintenance?

One of the only things worse than trying to maintain your pavers, is not taking the necessary amount of time to find what the best products are for your specific type.  Don’t make the mistake of assuming in this area as it would become a very expensive mistake!

Luckily, local pavers maintenance professionals at NJ Paver Restorations put together this quick list of tips to get you in the right direction with your pavers.

Breathable and non-breathable sealants. Both solutions are used in different paver situations.  Check with the paver company that installed your patio, porch, or driveway to see what they recommend.  Adhering a non-breathable sealant on pavers that absorb moisture can cause a landslide of problems in the end.

Keep an eye out.  Make sure you take a moment of each day to inspect the pavers that have the most traffic.  Look out for any signs of flashing, scratches, and pavers becoming loose.  Catching it early can sometimes mean the difference between a cost effective cleanup and an expensive re-install.

Prepare for the seasons accordingly.  Each season puts your pavers through a gauntlet of harsh elements from battering rain to golf ball sized hail.  There are various sealants and materials that you can acquire that will assist you with paver maintenance specifically made for different seasons. In order to prolong the life of your pavers prepare ahead of time and save yourself a good amount of money.

These three tips are most likely the most important ones to remember when you go to maintain your pavers.  The power to make your pavers go from an aesthetic pleasure to hellish nightmare is in your hands.  Take the time to either find the correct ways to maintain your pavers or give your local professionals a call.  When you lack the time to maintain your pavers just call NJ Paver Restorations to come and help!

Local NJ paver professionals NJ Paver Restorations service the New Jersey area including: Hillsborough NJ, Princeton NJ, Plainfield NJ, Bridgewater NJ, Somerset NJ, Skillman NJ, Montgomery NJ, and many more, call (732) 558-6011 today to get started!

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