Paver Stone Porch Repair

///Paver Stone Porch Repair

Demolition is not always the go-to option for paver or masonry work. You can choose paver stone porch repairs as an alternative and save yourself a ton of money. Even when you need to repair your porch and steps, demolition is not the only solution. Just think of how much more money you would spend if you started from scratch. We recently received a call from a local client here in Hillsborough, NJ who need their porch repaired. They wanted to know what types of services we offered, and if we could build them a new set of front steps. While demolition is an option many fall back to, residents tend to overlook the fact that you can repair your porch and stairs without starting from scratch.

During my on-site evaluation, I proposed the option of a bluestone overlay with a scratch coat of mortar to cover up the red bricks. By doing an overlay restoration, the resident would avoid the costs of a full demolition. Other contractors that had been giving them estimates were proposing a total demolition and starting from scratch. This option can become very expensive not to mention time-consuming especially when you factor in the various permits and inspections involved with new installations.

With our evaluation, we proposed to use bluestone to repair their porch rather than a full demolition and new installation. We proposed covering the red bricks with wire mesh and securing it to the face of the bricks with a .22 caliber power load nailer. Upon installing the mesh we applied three coats of mortar to give the wall a finished look. We installed bluestone treads for the step risers and pieces of bluestone for the landing. This was a critical part of the installation as we provided a positive pitch for the water to drain away from the house.

Before Porch Repairs

Set of steps that are really falling apart.
Set of steps that are really falling apart.

After Porch Repairs

Finished Steps
Finished Steps

Rather than a full demolition, we chose to repair the porch using materials they already had. We re-laid their paver walkway to compensate the change in step heights as the bluestone overlay added an addition 2 inches to each stair. Ultimately we were able to improve the overall look of the walkway too, making it much more appealing. Before we became involved the resident was using railroad ties as edge restraints, we resolved this problem as well, getting rid of the rotten eyesores and installed proper plastic edging. The difference was amazing, and the residents were beyond happy with the improvement.

As you can see from the pictures above in some cases choosing porch repair over a new installation is a great way to save time, money and resources. It definitely made our client very happy. It gave the entrance to the house a very appealing look, that will last for years to come. If you are on a tight budget don’t demolish, consider porch repair instead. This is a great option and won’t compromise the structural integrity or aesthetics of the project. So, if you have a set of steps needing repair or rebuilding give us a call so that we may evaluate your project and discuss all your options. Don’t wait for the spring rush, call us now to get on our schedule before we get totally booked up.

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  • Our porch resembles the “before” pictures here. We’re interested in your work described here and would like a free estimate.

    Wayne Kent 02.04.2014

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