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 Updated April 17, 2018

It’s that time of year! It’s spring and it’s time to start cleaning out the house and repairing what needs to be repaired. Springtime is a popular time for renovations and additions to be completed in preparation for summer gatherings.

Nature is very resourceful! Tap into the readily available elements and use it to beautify your landscaping, walks and other areas, for little or no money! No need to spend money on pavers or invest in hefty paver repairs or paver installations; just be creative and do it on your own.

In this article, NJ Paver Restorations wants to show you why it’s so important to take the time and do the research before starting any springtime projects. Believe it or not, by spending some extra time here and there, you can save yourself from spending thousands of dollars.

Take our latest project, for example, repairing stone walkways at our client’s home in the Watchung, NJ. Their beautiful stone walkway only lasted a few years before crumbling in the extremely cold temperatures of the Garden State’s winter season. Now, their expensive investment has turned into quite the headache. They have Paver Cleaning, Paver care, and Paver restoration on their minds, instead of other fun summer items.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first spring filled with repairing stone walkways. There is nothing comparable to the beauty of natural stone, but the right research has to be done before choosing the material perfect for your outdoors.

Choosing the wrong materials can turn a beautiful design and concept into a nightmare when the materials succumb to the environment’s climate. That’s exactly what happened with this client’s natural stone walkway.

To complement their lovely home, they imported travertine tile from Israel and installed a natural stone walkway up to their front door. It looked great for the first few years, but what their original paver installers neglected to mention was the fact that travertine tiles were not meant for New Jersey’s temperate climates. The travertine tiles have small natural holes in the slab and came from a very dry climate. As the seasons changed and the climate became colder, the holes filled with water and moisture. Upon freezing the water expanded, and the natural stone cracked and crumbled.

Imported travertine tile

In order to rectify this mistake and resurrect its initial aesthetic appeal, we had to remove all of the original tiles. That was just the beginning of repairing their stone walkways. From there, we installed a patterned bluestone set in mortar that was overlaid onto a concrete pad. Unlike the travertine tiles, bluestone comes from the surrounding area and is the perfect material to use in an area with harsh winter seasons. By repairing the stone walkways and using bluestone, we were able to solve our client’s problem ensuring aesthetic value for years to come.

Finished Bluestone


So, what’s the moral of the story? Unless you enjoy pointlessly spending thousands of dollars on more than one occasion, it’s a simple matter of using the appropriate stones, that were locally available, and meant for the local climate, that makes all the difference in the short as well as long-term.

Repairing stone walkways is never a fun ordeal to face especially after only a few years, so think ahead and avoid this nightmare altogether!

Choose a natural stone that can endure your area’s climate and the traffic in your home. By doing so, you can save yourself from a frustrating situation and use those thousands of dollars for a family vacation!


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