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How to Clean Your Pavers and Enhance Their Look

The summer season is only a month or so away, it’s time to make sure your pavers are pristine! If your home serves as the backyard, barbecuing weekly gathering hotspot, it’s important to keep your pavers looking better than ever. To do so, you must make sure you clean your pavers regularly so they look just as beautiful as they did when you first had them installed. For those of you new to paver maintenance, it’s important to clean and maintain your pavers just as you would with the rest of your home.

Tips for Choosing a Paver Installer

Be Smart When Choosing A Paver Installer

choosing a paver installer before
What an $8 sq ft. job can result in

Let’s be realistic. A paver installation job is not cheap. With the material costs and labor, projects can become quite expensive. But what are you really paying for? What are you actually being charged for? Choosing a paver installation contractor that’s right for you can be a demanding task in itself, but with the right knowledge you can avoid being charged an arm and a leg in hidden costs and fees.

Repairing Stone Walkways in Time for Summer

Don’t Spend Thousands Repairing Your Stone Walkways!

Use the Beauty of Natural Stones Correctly

With the spring season and warmer weather upon us it’s time to start cleaning out the house and repairing what needs to be repaired. Springtime is a popular time for renovations and additions to completed in preparation for summer gatherings. This week, NJ Paver Restorations wants to show you why it’s so important to take the time and do the research before starting any springtime projects.

Porch Repair

Demolition is not always the goto option for paver or masonry work. You can choose porch repairs as an alternative and save yourself a ton of money. Even when you need to repair your porch and steps, demolition is not the only solution. Just think of how much more money you would spend if you started from scratch. We recently received a call from a local client here in Hillsborough, NJ who need their porch repaired. They wanted to know what types of services we offered,

What a Busy Year Full of Local Paver Restorations!

NJ Paver Restorations Year End Wrap-Up

It was quite the year for New Jersey and NJ Paver Restorations! We hope everyone had a great, relaxing holiday season as they spent time with their family and looked back on 2012. As NJ Paver Restorations looks back on some of their biggest projects, we want to let you know that now is the time to start planning for Spring. Local paver restorations projects are a huge investment, you want to make sure you are taking the necessary amount of time for great results.

How to Maintain Your Pavers 2012 Recap

Your local pavers professionals wants you to keep your pavers looking phenomenal this new year, so looking back on our blogs from 2012 we’ve got some great tips! As we have said you need to keep up with your pavers and make sure that you are always checking for any wear or more. Additionally, this winter season has given us a fair amount of fluctuating climates, with it being sixty degrees one week and snowing the next!

Can red brick look good? You bet it can!
Can red brick look good?

Choosing A Certified Paver For Great Results

When you find yourself planning a paver project, it is in your best decision to put choosing a certified paver at the top of the list.  With a certified paver, you are guaranteed that this individual will produce professional work and not only has experience but also the proper training.  With so many certifications out there it can become difficult to know what to watch out for.  Luckily, local certified paver professionals at NJ Paver Restorations have these tips to make choosing a certified paver easy.

How to Make Installing Pavers Stress Free

There are many things to consider as you begin to plan out a new paver project.  Installing pavers can add exceptional value to your home and property value, but that’s only if it is done correctly.  The last things you want to see are imperfections and edges popping up as your newly installed pavers begin to settle.  Take the property below for example, a homeowner’s worst nightmare.  The customer had originally paid over $5,000 for the initial install, what stings more is the similar cost that it’s going to cost to fix it.  

Planning A New Paver Project? Start Now and Save

As you are still recovering from your turkey and stuffing comatose, here’s something to consider.  July 4th and the summer season are only about six or seven months away.  While everyone stays warm and cozy indoors, NJ Pavers Restoration wants you to see why it’s so important to start planning a new paver project ahead of time..

Pavers are an important aesthetic feature for any home, improving standards of living, comfort and overall property value.  Similar to how everyone congregates in your dining or family room,

Local Pavers Offers Assistance in the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

It’s safe to say New Jersey has seen better days.  Weeks even.  Now, a week since Sandy made landfall over New Jersey we still find ourselves attempting to piece our lives back together.  The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy has shocked all, we look to the coastline only to find our boardwalks and homes broken and battered.  It has quickly gone down as the second most devastating storm to hit this country, with Katrina not far ahead.


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