Frequently Asked Questions from some of our clients.

The beauty of a paver installation is the ability to repair and reuse your existing concrete pavers. We will evaluate your existing paver installation and recommend what should be done to rectify your failing paver installation. In most cases we can repair the effected area and then clean, re-sand and seal your pavers to bring back its original color. (paver age may effect the color restoration). Our sealant will lock the sand so as to prevent re-occuring weed infestation.

Depending on the age and the condition of your pavers will determine how “new” they will look. Concrete pavers, over time become dirty and faded due to environmental conditions. When we clean your concrete pavers, we will be removing years of dirt, grime and stains; bringing out the original color of your pavers. When we seal your pavers, we will enhance that original color giving new life to your pavers.

With our high heat pressure washer (250 deg. F.), most dirt and stains are removed with out the need for harsh chemicals. In extreme cases we will “spot” treat stubborn areas.

If your concrete pavers do not need any major repairs, we can clean and seal your pavers the same day. Most other paver sealers do not allow you to clean and seal in one day. In order to seal your pavers after cleaning, they require your pavers to be dry and no rain in the forecast for upto 24 hrs. This really hampers the sealing process. Our one day process cleans your pavers, installs your sand by “washing” it into the joints and allows us to apply the sealant while it is still damp. If it were to rain shortly after the sealant installation, we would be able to spot treat any affected areas.

Under normal usage our sealer needs to be re-applied every two to three years depending on environmental conditions. Areas with high vehicular or pedestrian traffic may need to be addressed sooner.